My Journey

The stones, driftwood and beach glass used on these original art pieces reveal a beautiful story. They have been shaped by their journeys, making some friends along the way.  

Some of these friends engraved their hearts and became a part of them. Others left deep scars that neither turbulent waves nor the passing of time have been able to erase. 

 To preserve the integrity of their story, these materials have not been altered or modified.

 We view it a treasured privilege to capture your special memories and make them last forever by carefully setting them in stone. We offer a range of styles, budgets and sizes.

 Since each stone is uniquely shaped, each art piece is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. However, they can be imitated. So, if a piece you like has already been sold, please contact me and I’ll be happy to make you a similar one. 

 When you place a custom order, to make sure I fully understand your vision, you will receive a picture of the project for your approval before anything is ‘set in stone’.

 I may go through hundreds of different stones as I strive to create a piece of art that displays the emotion intended. However, unless you love your piece, there is never an obligation to purchase.



About Our Stones

After enduring many millions of years of tossing, turning and being worn away away by the water, these stones finally came to rest in a calm area of a beach or a lake. There they waited for a long time… Until one day someone (me) picked them up to make an art piece.  

Their beauty is seen not by comparing them with other stones, but by appreciating how unique each one is. In order to preserve their stories, they have not been altered in any way.  

The stones I use, just like the beach glass and driftwood, have been carefully hand-picked from beaches around the world. Some of my favorites come from the shores of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes carry some of the oldest stones on earth.  

I have thoughtfully arranged these stones to resemble human interactions and emotions. I hope that through these stones, I can share with the world the beauty of these lakes and the endurance of the human spirit as we are all Shaped by Our Journey. 

  Welcome to  'My Office' 

My day starts by gathering gifts brought in by the tide to make an inspiring work space which includes a table, a chair and a display unit. Since the evening tide will most likely toss these pieces back to the lake, it's a challenge not to become too attached to the furniture.




This is me; in  constant awe of nature, and barefoot. Smiley Happy Face Art Print