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Shaped by My Journey

And suddenly, all the love songs were about you

And suddenly, all the love songs were about you

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The stunning skirt in this piece is Elkhorn Coral. This species of coral is structurally complex with many large branches. The coral structure closely resembles that of elk antlers.  This particular piece came from the island of Cozumel.

Her blouse is a gorgeous piece of Rose Coral, Manicia areolata, picked up from Roatan, an island of Honduras. These corals are very 'family oriented'.  They live in tightly packed colonies with multiple generations built upon the skeletons of previous generations that form coral reefs.

A piece of Horn Coral is being used as a bonnet (Ordovician Period, 488 million years ago) Interestingly, Horn Coral is related to the jellyfish family.  We still find pieces of this stunning animal in Lake Huron.

The corals and stones are set on 3 planks of driftwood, rescued from the lake.  It measures 9' by 15'


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