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Family Portraits - Custom Orders - Family Trees

Family Portraits - Custom Orders - Family Trees

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Pebble Art Family Portraits and Family Trees

Pebble art personalized family portraits are a beautiful and unique way to capture the essence of family unity and connection. The process of crafting the artwork by hand can be time-consuming and require a great deal of patience, and back and forth communication with the customer, but the end result is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art that is filled with emotion and authenticity. Whether used as home decor or given as a gift, nature art created with pebbles is a beautiful and meaningful way to incorporate the natural world into our daily lives.

They have a significant emotional impact on both the creator and the recipient, serving as a reminder of the memories and experiences that have brought them together. They are a treasure that can be passed down from generation to generation, a symbol of the enduring love and connection that binds families together.

Are you a bride who has been welcomed into a new family with open arms?  Have your parents welcomed your partner into yours? Why not show your gratitude by gifting them a pebble art piece that includes all members of their family as well as the new addition? 

 NOTE: The pictures below are scenes of previous orders. Your family pebble art piece will be customized to reflect your own family's unique attributes.

Prices are based on the number of family members, details, fossils, and sea glass used.  Custom Orders start at $85 ($60 USD ) for a small family sitting on a log and go up to $250  ( $180 USD)  for a large family including sea-glass branches, dangling feet as well as the large frame

There is no deposit required.  As I work on your project, I will send you pictures to make sure I'm capturing your vision.  At this time your input/feedback will be most helpful since my main objective is to make sure you fall in love with your piece.   I'll make as many changes as you require until I capture your vision.   Once your pebble art family portrait is finished, you have the option to purchase it.  

Please contact me with a description of your family and which setting you would like.  If you are able to send me a family picture, this would be most helpful. Please note pictures are for my reference only and are never shared or posted.

 Thank you for supporting small businesses and local artists.


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