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Shaped by My Journey

He will call

He will call

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This is a customizable piece.   

Whether you see yourself young in an earthly paradise or are looking forward to welcoming a loved one in the resurrection, this piece can be a beautiful visual reminder of better days to come and a great gift to lift someone's spirits.

Please note that the pieces below are samples.  

Each pebble art piece is one of a kind since every stone used is different.  So even though you will receive a similar piece, it will not be the same as the one in the picture sample.

Description of the people in the piece.

If you could provide me with details of the physical likeness of the people in your piece (or send me a photo)? I will try to find stones that match their features such as hair length/color.

Also, please let us know how many people are by the window looking into paradise,  how many you want in the paradise picture, and what they are visualizing ( e.g., is it an older couple seeing themselves young again, or a couple looking forward to seeing their son...)


If you'd like to add a quote from a song, words from a scripture, or your favorite phrase, please let me know.  Out of respect for the author, and copywriter laws, there is no extra cost for this option

Framing Option

Our art it's easy to frame, however, if you prefer your piece to be framed please purchase one of the options from our   frames category

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