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Shaped by My Journey

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

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"Lady in Red"  This genuine Red Pipe Organ Coral is an alcyonarian coral native to the waters of the Indian Ocean and the central and western regions of the Pacific Ocean. It is the only known species of the genus Tubipora. This species is a soft coral, but with a unique, hard skeleton of calcium carbonate that contains many organ pipe-like tubes.

It occurs at depth of 350 to 1500 meters bellow sea level in areas with strong currents. It's absolutely stunning.

Corals stay put, they don't swim to find food like other animals, I love the fact that, being sessile, they need their nutrients to come and flow through them. So they need to dance in order to eat

The flower vase she is holding is from Argentina, the blue shell is from the beach of South Carolina, her embroidered top is a beautiful coral from Honduras and the lace in her hat is honeycomb coral from Camlachie

*My corals are acquired by licensed/certified collectors as required by CITES

Even though it is the rarely seen red coral that draws you in, each stone and coral that makes up this original creation is worthy of being the center of attention. Truly one of a kind and a piece that will last a lifetime.

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