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Shaped by My Journey

A Bride and her Flower Girl

A Bride and her Flower Girl

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Frosted pieces of sea glass give each one of these joyful faces a soft profile.

For the bride's hair, I used a stone picked up in Honduras, it resembles a beautiful hairdo.  The bridal top is made with a porous volcanic stone I picked up in El Salvador.  Her skirt came all the way from Mar del Plata, Argentina, my hometown.

The Flower Girl's skirt is made up of two oyster shells naturally smoothed by the ocean waves in Cape Cod, MA, and her top it's a Mascarene land snail from the shores of Jamaica.  It's white with a beautiful touch of soft blue.

The bride's arm is also a Caribbean coral while the little girl's arm is an extinct piece of 'horn coral' found by the shores of the Canadian Great Lakes 

This is a beautiful piece to commemorate such a special day and touching friendship.

Please notice this piece comes unframed.  It is being displayed in a 12' by 15' frame for size reference.

Framing Option

Our art is easy to frame, however, if you prefer your piece to be framed please add to your purchase frame 'C' from our   Frames Collection  

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