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Shaped by My Journey

This is US - Family of 5

This is US - Family of 5

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Capture the essence of home and family with this exquisite pebble art masterpiece, tailor-made for celebrating new beginnings. Picture a charming scene: a family of five, nestled beneath the branches of a majestic tree crafted entirely from sea glass. Each stone, meticulously hand-picked from the shores of the Great Lakes, tells a story of resilience and beauty, echoing the endurance of the human soul.

As the family sits together, their bond palpable, the arrangement of stones captures the depth of human emotions and interactions. This handcrafted treasure isn't just a gift; it's a symbol of cherished relationships and the warmth of home.

For realtors seeking the perfect keepsake for new homeowners, this one-of-a-kind piece speaks volumes about the value of family and the beauty of shared moments.

This piece is framed in a great quality wooden frame (9' x 11') covered by real glass.


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